CS Cropsure A+B

CS Cropsure A+B

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The research team at Cropping Solutions are very proud of their innovative field applied foliage spray Cropsure, and
are confident in relation to its unique and precise ability to perform after application. The research team believe Cropsure is set to change the way crop managers of the future manage the general health of their cash crops.
Theplantsystemelicitors inCropsureenhancetheplant’sown inherent ability to defend itself against a broad range of different biotic stresses (pathogens) known as Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR), Local Acquired Resistance (LAR) and Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR).
During trials with cropsure, increqases in the activity of a defined range of different metabolites used by plantts as defense mechanisms have been dettailed. Significant active enhancements were recorded in total dissolved solids (brix), root exudates, phenolic compounds, anthocyanins, phenylalanines, peroxidase and 1,3 glucanase.
The multifunctional active constituents of this produc are emulsified, natutral bioactive polymers, polysaccharides and enzymes.


Only one application of Cropsure is needed every 21-28 days to maintain the maximum defence capability of the crop depending on environmental pressure (biotic and abiotic stress).
Cropsure works such that foliar applications provide notable enhancement in the root system’s defence capability in addition to enhancement in the phyllosphere (above ground) of the plant that has direct contact with Cropsure active metabolites at time of application.
After the first application, it can take from 5-7 days to elicit the complete spectrum of plant defence mechanisms and induced responses for maximum protection. Therefore it is advised to time the first application of Cropsure at least 7-10 days prior to periods of pre-determined infection if possible.
Cropsure also contains a non-ionic surfactant as a wetting agent. The product is ready to dilute and apply as supplied and should not be combined with other chemicals, nutrients, or have the solution pH adjusted prior to application.
‣ When used in conjunction with CS Calx the product has the
capacity to potentially repel sucker (feeding) insects
‣ Induced defence of plant systems with use of Cropsure may allow the plantt to overcome partial water stress. Cropsure will enhance the crop’s capability to use its own defence mechanisms more efficiently, in a simikar way as to what vaccination would, against pathogenic fungii, bacteria, viruses and feeding insects/arthropods.


‣ Effective for use on a wide range of crops
‣ Systemic in its mode of action
‣ Only one application per month for total control (depending on
rainfall/heat stress
‣ Will not interfere with any part of the soil food web within the soil matrix or above the soil
‣ Will encourage a more balanced plant surface microbiome for the plants maximum performance outcome


Mix well before use. Combine Cropsure (part A + B) with clean water and spray fruit, flowers, leaves and stems directly. Do not adjust pH of the diluted solution with any acid or alkali solution. Do not combine with other products unless tested for full compatability. If pH adjustment is needed, adjust starting water volume only, prior to dilution. Apply the first application 7-10 days prior to perceived crop infection. Pre-mixed with a non-ionic wetting agent.


Foliar Application Rate
‣ 750-5000ml Cropsure A+B/Ha Broad Acre

Seed Coat Application
‣ 250-5000ml Cropsure A+B/Ha ‣ 1000ml Cropsure A+B per tonne of treated seed


CS Cropsure Information Sheet