CS Black

CS Black

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CS Black is a high-analysis multi purpose amino acid chelated
liquid fertiliser suitable for foliar spray and liquid injection
(furrow) application.
CS Black has formulated capacity in particular soil types;
‣ Soils with low CEC values (Sand and Sandy Loams)
‣ Lower nutrient holding value
‣ Low organic matter and low organic matter turnover
(hydrophobic surface soil)
‣ Low Potassium (K) and low Magnesium (Mg)
‣ Suitable for application for soil management in lower rainfall

Both Macro and Micro nutrients are complexed with a unique
fermentation process that builds stable organic structures to
increase efficiency for nutrient availability, adding capacity to
growing plants (roots and shoots) and soil microbial pools.
The stable bonded organic structures deliver vital nutrients in a
form that the plant can retrieve and absorb required nutrition to
suit minimal use of photosynthetic energy.
It is important that vital nutrients are translocated into and within
the plant cells more efficiently. This directly increases leaf growth,
protein synthesis and photosynthesis, which directly converts into
greater plant energy utilisation and physiological efficiency.
The composition of this effective solution fertiliser will allow
the grower to manage and allocate resources to deal with soil
constraints whilst growing crops within a managed fertiliser
budget. These soil constraints can consist of isolated microbial
activity, low nutrient mobilization, low water infiltration,
compaction, aeration issues, chemical toxicity with excess
sodium, aluminium and iron, low water holding capacity and low
stable organic matter pools.
Crops grown with this scientifically formulated fertiliser in a soil
regenerating management system will have greater capacity to
withstand abiotic drought and waterlogging stress and can exceed
the performance metrics of conventionally grown crops when
faced with multiple levels of adversity.

CS Black contains stable Phosphorous, Potassium and Sulphur
and amino acid chelated Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc,
Manganese, Boron, Cobalt, Nickel and Molybdenum.
Biological based ingredients; simple and complex carbon
molecules, vegetable based proteins, metabolites, amino acids
and selected fermentation extracts.
Let us help you direct your soil management strategy in to a
profitable and productive package for your own farming system.


Application Rate BWP ‣ Injection 8-25 L/Ha
‣ Foliar 5-20 L/Ha
‣ Legume injection 14-25 L/Ha
+ pKa Adjusta + 100-200ml Tracer Mo


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