CS Red

CS Red

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CS Red is a product designed fir rapid nutrient delivery in to the soil system and for plants foliage use. Nuttrient uptake processes are reinforced with this premium performance amino chelated fertiliser solution suitable for foliar spray and furrow liquid injection application.


CS Red will function well in lower general fertility soils (lower
CEC), Soils with low organic matter and sandy loam soils where
potassium and magnesium are still required. CS Red is a multispectrum
nutrient solution designed to offer a broad spectrum
nutrient package to cropping systems when vitally needed.
Micronutrients and macronutrients are complexed with our
unique nutrient fermentation process. This complexation
process of building stable organic structures increases the
nutrient efficiency and nutrient availability of growing plants and
the acceleration of microbial processes in both the root zone
(rhizosphere) complexed and the phyllosphere (foliage).
These complexed organic structures and amino chelating agents
deliver nutrients in a form suitable for plants to readily take
up required nutrition in a hierachy of physiological processes
that have evolved over time to use the minimum of energy
As nutrients are translocated into and within the plant more
readily, these processes directly increase leaf growth, protein
formation and photosynthesis, which converts into greater plant
performance and respiration efficiency.
The high value ingredient composition of this fertiliser will allow
crops to further overcome soil constraints that negatively can
affect plant performance, all considered within the growers
fertiliser budget. These soil constraints can consist of compacted
soils, low water infiltration, low soil aeration whether by
mechanical or biochemical means or metal toxicity from excess
sodium, aluminium and iron.
Crops grown with this fluid fertiliser as an adjunct to granular
use, in a resilient farming system, will have greater capacity to
withstand drought, heat and waterlogging stress and can as a
result out-perform standard granular practice management

CS Red contains Phosphorous, Sulphur, and amino acid chelated
Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Boron, Cobalt,
Nickel and Molybdenum.
Non plant food ingredients; simple and complex carbon
molecules, vegetable based proteins and fermentation extracts.
Let us help you maintain your soils as a functioning stable
growing environment


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