CS Calx

CS Calx

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CalX is a soluble and reactive calcium based liquid fertilizer solution. It is 12% Calcium (may vary slightly within narrow allowable range), with a high solubility and proven field performance.
‣ Improves soil structural performance, particularly with saline and sodic soils or heavier soils carrying excessive Mg and K
‣ Improved plant growth and performance with improved microbial cycling and carbon turnover
CalX is designed to improve water infiltration in farmed soils, This attribute is very important for waterlogged, saline, sodic and anoxic soils which are prone to crop loss. CalX can effectively reduce oxygen depletion in soils, limit denitrification, and improve water availability and capacity of soils.
Calcium is a multi-level performance catalyst for nutrient uptake within plants. The higher the solubility, the greater its capacity to influence availability and uptake. Classic symptoms of calcium deficient plants include death of growing points, abnormally dark green foliage, disease pressure (biotic stress), seed formation limitations and weakened stems.
Calcium improves cell wall strength and thickness, which not only produces a stronger and healthier plant, but also allows greater disease resistance, with a healthier root system.
CalX can improve soil structure by reducing sodicity, as soluble calcium is the most effective method of displacing sodium from clay particles. As a result, this calcium effect assists in preventing clay from swelling and dispersing and depleting soil structure. Calcium bridging effect will help aggregate soil and build soil structure.
CalX is effective in many different soil types as it can chemically, physically and biologically improve common soil structural problems due to high Sodium, Saline, Acidic, Alkaline, high Potassium dispersive soils and high Magnesium soil.


‣Improves the efficiency of fertilisers, particularly Nitrogen efficiency, while facilitating relatively immobile nutrients such as Phosphate and Zinc to be more readily available
‣Reduces waterlogging, soil inundation and increases soil water movement and retention
‣Increases soil pH, which reduces the effects of reactive metals in excess such as Al and Fe in acidic soil environments
‣Is available chemically buffered for use on alkaline , high carbonate and bicarbonate soils
‣Nutrients are bound to organically complexed amino structures; making Calcium and vital nutrients more readily plant available


Application Rate
‣ In furrow injection 2 – 25 L/Ha
‣ Foliar 5 – 50 L/Ha
‣ Legume injection 2 – 30 L/Ha + 100-200ml Tracer Mo


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