CS Tracer Manganese

CS Tracer Manganese

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Tracer MANGANESE is a novel amino acid chelated nutrient concentrate of a highly soluble MANGANESE solution which
has been uniquely produced by blending amino acids, common metal chelating agents, complexing agents and an important micronutrient together in to a proprietary tiered chelation process. This stable chelated MANGANESE product will address and positively reinforce MANGANESE deficiency in growing plants to ensure physiological plant processes improve plant performance at harvest.
The improved bio-availability of Amino acid chelates can increase micronutrient (and macronutrient) uptake and availability markedly when compared to non chelated nutrient solutions commonly used in agricultural production systems. Also, when few elemental deficiencies have been detected in crops, any increases in yields may be due to a more regulated element balance and the symbiotic relationship between plants and amino acid derived chelates thus creating the ultimate synergy for optimum nutrient delivery and exchange.


For the best results Tracer MANGANESE can be applied as a standard flowable solution at planting with most general fertilizer products or as a foliar applied product by boomspray during critical growth stages such as mid tillering, stem elongation (depending on season and agronomy recommendations, do not apply after flowering of any crop).
Tracer MANGANESE applied at low rates in furrow or more importantly as a foliar spray, will provide an effective response and direct benefit to any plants indicating known and visible MANGANESE trace element deficiency.


Agitate well before use. Store out of direct sunlight. It is expected that Tracer MANGANESE will be compatible with most fertiliser products but any user always needs to conduct jar tests first to absolutely confirm. Usually will not mix with any phosphate in solution.


Application Rate ‣ 2 L – 10 L per/Ha
(Depending on advisor recommendation as MANGANESE can be used at higher volumes per Hectare)
Best results will be obtained by 2 applications at the advised rate depending on crop growth stage. For extreme deficiencies or to respond to herbicide damage in growing crops then application of up to 8L per Ha may be required.


CS Tracer Manganese Information Sheet